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    Quality clear strip PVC strip curtains chennai for industrial, houses, & commercial usage. We are the dealer, supplier of quality pvc strip curtains in chennai.

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    A special type of green PVC strip curtains used as separation for working spaces. We provide cost effective green color pvc strip curtains chennai.

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    Do you want to protect your work space from welding sparks & rays, use our welding PVC strip curtains. A best product from our industry.

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    Yellow color PVC strip curtains used to prevent insects for houses, industry and shops. Get the insect out of our working and living environment.


Welcome to PVC Strip Curtains chennai, PVC Strip Curtains is very useful to factories and companies. We are supplied high quality and low cost PVC Strip Curtains chennai in over all Tamil Nadu.

PVC Strip Curtain is meant to prevent from Dust, Birds in the factories, Control the lose of Air Conditioner and for the lose of AC in the Cold room. We also have different kinds of PVC i.e. Clear, Cold room, Anti-static, Industrial, Insect Amber, Welding Booth strips and PVC Strip Rolls. We are one of the best pvc strip curtains manufacturers chennai, also deals with importer and exporter of all pvc strip curtains chennai. Our pvc strip curtains traders also provides installation of our curtains to industry, domestic and commercial purposes.